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Technical info

Grestel has set a new standard by reinventing stoneware with an exclusive formula to manufacture shapes and colours. High-firing at 1180ºC/2160ºF on a single firing system creates a vitrified glazed surface to be under 0,5% on water absorption, revealing the consistency and durability of our fired clay. Our true advantage relies on the ability to keep our products practical and multi-purposed, yet elegant and stylish for entertaining. Oven, freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe.



The self-conscience of our ecological footprint and the effort to reduce our impact in nature is the motivation to always deliver “Green” products: while standing for eco-resources and sustainable ways of working, among other practices we reintroduce the defective pieces from production into a new cycle. We also take extra care when producing to minimize the waste of tasks repetition.

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