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Grestel manufactures tableware, serving accessories and ovenware made with the finest natural resources from Portugal, and using its original formula of high-fired stoneware. Advanced technology meets skilled artisans to deliver to our customers around the world fine, durable and trendy oven-to-table with matching dinnerware.
Our search for an efficient, modern, innovative and profitable organization does not compromise the commitment with social and eco responsibility, whereas we seriously promote good practices that contribute to the protection of the environment and the people involved in our business.

1998 Grestel was founded by experienced ceramic engineers
1999 Production started in a small temporary plant, with 12 workers.
2000 Production moved to Grestel 1, built in the meantime for that purpose.
2001 First exhibition in Tendence, Frankfurt, to present own developments.
2002 Grestel 1 expands the area to increase capacity by adding new machinery.
2003 First exhibition at Ambiente, Frankfurt, the largest consumer goods trade show.
2004 A second plant producing tableware is built close to the previous factory.
2005 Grestel 2 starts production employing 150 people.
2007 Grestel 2 expands to accommodate new lab and mould making.
2008 Grestel 2 expands the warehouse facility.
2010 Construction of office building and showroom.
2011 New showroom opens with 400sqm.
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